Are you looking for a livestream agency for an event in Cologne or the surrounding area? You don’t want to hire just any streaming service provider, but a reliable partner with years of experience and high-quality technology? Then you’ve come to the right place! With our live stream provider directory, you can quickly and easily filter for service providers that meet your requirements.

Of course, we also list streaming professionals who can produce your livestream in Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Essen or other cities in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Conference, meeting and congress from Cologne in the stream

In our livestream service provider directory you will find providers who stream via German servers and also develop several parallel streams – similar to a conference with several simultaneous events.

Of course, you can also integrate your own chat options for your livestream event. Your participants can also receive additional information in password-protected areas or conduct surveys and polls directly. Tickets for your online event can also be sold on a separate landing page, which of course has your own design.

Coaching, webinars and internal training courses

Training courses and webinars are increasingly being broadcast online. That’s why our livestream professionals are seeing more and more demand in this area. With professional equipment, they broadcast your speakers and teachers not only in high image quality, but also with the best sound quality.

Of course, you will receive a recording of your training after your event and can offer it for download on your website, for example.

Livestream Anbieter in der Stadt Köln
On the banks of the Rhine you will also find one or two livestream providers...

Which channel is the right one for your livestream?

Of course, your livestream can be streamed on every conceivable channel. Be it Microsoft Teams, Zoom or of course YouTube and your own website. Embedding in the company intranet is just as possible as broadcasting on YouTube or – very modern – Twitch.

Thanks to Internet bonding, i.e. the bundling of mobile connections, outdoor events can also be streamed in high resolution and in a fail-safe manner. If these aspects are important to you, be sure to take them into account when filtering in our livestream provider directory!

Get 3_free and individual advice

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